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How Do I Know If My Catalytic Converter Has Failed? Exhaust Service in Grosse Pointe

The catalytic converter is a key aspect of your car’s exhaust system, and it should operate properly for the life of your vehicle. However, this important component may fail under certain circumstances. If it does, getting it replaced could be critical. In order to be prepared for such an occasion, it may be helpful to explore a little information on how catalytic converters work and how to know if they have failed.

The Purpose of a Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter transforms the harmful pollutants that your car emits into harmless ones. When the gases from your vehicle’s exhaust system pass through the catalytic converter, they become less harmful due to a chemical reaction. This helps to keep the air clean, so it is important for the environment and your health.

How a Catalytic Converter May Fail

If your catalytic converter fails to work properly, it may be clogged. This may happen if a car is run on leaded gasoline, or if a person uses certain types of fuel additives too often.  A catalytic converter may also fail if the engine has faulty exhaust valves. Additionally, if the plugs become fouled, the result could be an overheated converter.

Signs of Possible Failure

How do you know if you need your exhaust serviced? Knowing what signs to look for can be useful. Your converter could be clogged if you press the gas pedal, but the car does not move faster. A clogged converter may also be detected by a significant drop in gas mileage. Another way to detect this problem is to schedule routine maintenance for the exhaust system. Whether the converter is partially or completely clogged, you’ll likely need to get it replaced.

Visit a Professional

If you suspect that your catalytic converter has failed, the best way to be sure is to let a mechanic look at it. Only a trained professional is equipped to deal with this type of issue. A mechanic may need to remove the converter and evaluate the performance of the engine.

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