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Muffler and exhaust repair

An engine's operating efficiency can be reduced by a damaged or faulty exhaust system, so it's important to have this checked periodically. Problematic exhaust systems can also lead to increased fuel consumption, corrosion (from water condensation), and a release of harmful emissions.

Warning signs include: rattling sounds, a ticking sound during acceleration, a louder than normal vehicle, the smell of rotten eggs, burning, or exhaust fumes, and a check engine or service engine light.

We always make sure to check your vehicle's muffler, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and other related hardware during our muffler and exhaust service.

We also have access to a variety of replace mufflers, from the more expensive performance mufflers, to more budget-conscious brands with a variety of warranty lengths. We'll be happy to discuss your options in the event a replacement muffler is necessary.

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