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Heating and cooling repair

A vehicle's engine can produce an enormous amount of heat. If that vehicle's cooling system is not properly maintained and begins to fail, that heat can cause severe damage to the engine (from overheating, or worse, seizing up). At Gross Pointe Auto, we're always ready to inspect your vehicle's cooling system and fluids to note any potential problems before they cause any serious damage.

A few warnings for a faulty cooling system include: discolored coolant or colored liquid under the vehicle or in the exhaust, steam rising from the hood, frequently needing to add coolant, scent of antifreeze inside the vehicle, a rising dashboard temperature gauge, or a warning light.

Also, if your air conditioning only blows hot air into your vehicle, the air smells of antifreeze, or air is not blowing at all, your air conditioning (A/C) system needs to be checked. Both your vehicle's cooling and A/C systems need to be in good and working condition to protect your vehicle's engine and related components from undue harm and damage. Make sure to have a Gross Pointe Auto technician check these systems if you have any concerns about them, or have noted any of the above warning signs.


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