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Automatic Transmissions

As automatic transmissions have advanced, becoming more complicated with electronics and even closer tolerances and tighter specifications, it is important to select a transmission rebuilder that has a reputation quality work and quick delivery. The extensive research that we employ gives us the insight to correct problems in original manufacturer design, improving the performance and reliability of our re-built automatic transmissions. We GUARANTEE all our rebuilt transmissions and gearboxes have followed the same strict processes. For each type of transmission we have developed a list of "must replace" components to ensure long-life and trouble-free motoring. Only when a transmission has been through these processes, worn parts replaced, and our quality checks done, are we happy call the job complete.

Manual Transmissions / Differential Units

We  can rebuild your gearbox or differential and transfer unit and through our distributor network have very quick access to a large number of parts. All gearboxes are rebuilt with automotive grade bearings as a minimum but we often upgrade.

Manual Clutch Replacement

Because we are removing gearboxes all day every day, we know the best way to get yours in and out in minimal time without causing damage. We can also supply all clutch parts be it standard or heavy duty. Let us know what your intended purpose is and we can advise the best option. There are many options for upgraded clutches. However a clutch is often the "safety valve" which blows first so we recommend using standard clutches for street use. It's much cheaper to replace a clutch than a gearbox.


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