Transmission Repair

Transmission repair

As transmission damages can be some of the most costly to repair or replace, it's important to have your transmission checked at any sign of concern, including low fluid levels, poor fluid consistency, and/or debris in the system. At Gross Pointe Auto, we find early detection very important, and are more than happy to show our customers how to detect any problems as soon as possible so you know when to bring your vehicle in for maintenance.

Some other transmission warning signs include: shifting problems/delays or grinding, a burning smell,  whining or clunking noises, fluid leakage beneath the vehicle, or warning/check engine lights. We will often suggest transmission flushes as preventative maintenance depending on a vehicle's mileage; doing this can prolong the life a transmission , as transmission can break down over time and damage the hardware. A flush simply removes all of the old, contaminated fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid.

Always remember to follow the maintenance schedule suggested by your car's manufacturer, check your vehicle's filters regularly, and watch for fluid leaks. All of this can help prevent very costly repairs in the future.

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