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Engine repair

Regular oil changes are a vital, but simple way to ensure your vehicle will run both smoothly and longer. Oil not only reduces friction by lubricating moving components, but it also catches and suspends dirt particles that could otherwise reduce engine efficiency. At Grosse Pointe Auto, we'll let you know what type of oil is best for your vehicle based on its type and the kind of driving you do. It's important to always make sure you use the right kind of oil for your vehicle so its engine remains clean and protected!

We will make sure to alert you whenever you need to change your vehicle's oil filter so as to prevent more costly problems. Other fluids such as coolant, brake, transmission, and power steering fluid will also be checked, including the need for additional lubrication throughout the chassis. 

The Cabin Air Filter needs to be periodically replaced to prevent allergens, bacteria, and exhaust from entering the passenger cabin, so we check this as well. Our oil change service also includes several other convenient and affordable options, so be sure to speak with one of our mechanics so we can determine the precise needs of your vehicle.


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