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Steering and suspension repair

Having your suspension checked periodically ensures that it will not suddenly fail, as a suspension wears out gradually and can often become a problem without much warning. Your vehicle's suspension is important for both your driving comfort and safety, as it includes shock absorbers, struts, and other hardware, so make sure to have a Gross Pointe Auto technician examine them if you have any concerns.

Some steering system warning signs include: a vibrating or jerking steering wheel, the vehicle pulling to one side, steering feels loose, or the car is generally hard to steer. Some suspension warning signs include: the car bouncing long after hitting a bump, the car dipping after braking, leaning or rolling to one side when you corner, tires wearing faster than normal, a vibrating wheel, and rattling sounds.

In the event any of these warnings crop up, a Gross Pointe Auto technician will be happy to inspect your vehicle and describe what's wrong and how a normal vehicle should look or should be acting.

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