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It's essential to you and your passengers' safety that you make sure to have your brakes checked at least once a year. Costly repairs or disastrous break failure can result from poorly-maintained brakes, or brakes not checked regularly by a qualified technician. At Gross Pointe Auto, we'll be sure to have an experienced technician complete a thorough examination of your entire brake system, and will then provide you with a reasonable and written estimate before we perform any labor so you can consider your options. Our customer's safety is always our primary concern.

Make sure to listen and note warning signs such as squealing or grinding noises, an unresponsive or difficult to press brake pedal, your car pulling to one side when braking, or a warning light. If you notice any of these, do not hesitate to get your brakes checked!

During a brake system check, we make sure to evaluate the condition of  your vehicle's brake pads and shoes, rotors and drums, calipers, and other hardware. We will also check your brake fluid, hoses, lines, and hydraulics.

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