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Mechanics & Car Service: Tips For Better Service

Mechanics & Car Service: Tips For Better Service

Have you ever got that feeling you were getting hustled on a car service bill? In that moment, many people wish they knew more about cars, or could fix their own cars. There is a stigma about mechanics and that they over charge on car repairs. Here are some tips on making sure you get the best customer service from any mechanic.

1.      Communicate

The better a consumer is able to convey to a mechanic what’s wrong with his or her vehicle the easier it is for a technician to diagnose and fix the problem.


It’s a good idea to write down ahead of time what ails your ride such as:

·         Noting specific sounds

·         Sensations

·         Leaks and smells

·         When and how often they occur

·         What happened just before the car stopped running?

·         How did it function the day before it didn’t start?

·         Also note when the vehicle was last brought in for service, as today’s problem may be related to last month’s repairs.


2.       Don’t Drop Off A Filthy Car

Not only is this common courtesy, it can affect the quality of a repair. Tidy up your ride before bringing it in for service and be sure to clear out the back seat and trunk of items like strollers, golf clubs and construction equipment. The mechanic may need to remove them to access a part or perform a specific repair, or they may weigh down the vehicle to the extent it affects its performance.


3.       Be Available For Your Mechanic

Be sure to leave phone numbers with the shop where you can be reached and respond promptly. If the technician isn’t able to contact you to approve a repair, the car will sit and remain unattended for that much longer. Likewise, you’ll want to know that the car is ready and how much the service will cost before heading back to the shop.


4.       Leave Your Auto Mechanic Alone

Just about every mechanic conducted in the course of its service survey disliked customers hovering over him or her while they worked. While it’s appropriate to spend time with your car and the mechanic to explain the problem, it’s distracting and can be dangerous. If you’ll be hanging around for a diagnosis or quick service, take a seat in the waiting room, grab a cup of coffee and let a professional do his or her job.


When it comes to service go to Grosse Pointe Auto. Dwayne and Yvette have been serving the community of Grosse Pointe for many years. Not only do they know how to repair your vehicle, but they know how to repair with great customer service. Next time you need to repair your car ask for Dwayne.

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