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Tire Rotation – When and Why

Tire Rotation – When and Why

One of several ways to maintain the safety of your vehicle is to watch out for the condition of your vehicle’s tires. And one of the ways of doing so is conducting a tire rotation. This is a practice that involves moving the tires from one position of the vehicle to the other. Not only is tire rotation important, but it is a relatively easy task to accomplish.   Sooner or later, tires wear out. And some wear out faster than others, depending on their location on the automobile. A vehicle’s weight is usually not distributed evenly. For instance, the engine, which is the heaviest component of an automobile, is typically installed at the front. So, the front tires tend to carry more weight. Couple that with the fact that the front tires are also in charge of the vehicle’s steering duties, and it is easy to see why front tires wear out faster than the rear ones. To avoid uneven wear, it is best to rotate the tires—by moving the front tires to the back, wh ...

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