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Signs You Need an AC Repair

Signs You Need an AC Repair

Springs in Michigan can still be cool/cold.  None of us really think about the heat at this point (though we wish for it).  It’s time to inspect your AC and get it repaired before the warm weather hits.  Below are hints you may need a repair.

⦁    You have reduced cooling power.

You know how cold your vehicle can get in the middle of summer with properly functioning air conditioning.  If you notice your vehicle isn’t pumping out as cold air as it once was, it’s time to get your vehicle’s air conditioning repaired.

⦁    You experience poor cooling due to an overheating engine.

 If your engine is overheating, it will cut of the air conditioner.  If you notice your vehicle’s engine is overheating and you are experiencing poor cooling efforts, you should get your vehicle repaired immediately.  If you continue to ignore the problem, it could cause larger problems that will inevitably cost more in the long run.

⦁    Your air conditioning fan doesn’t work at all.

The fan not working at all can be caused for a few minor problems.  It could be a loose wire or due to a blown fuse.  It could also be caused by a serious problem.  If you find your fan isn’t working at all, it’s best to get it checked out immediately.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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