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3 Signs to Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

3 Signs to Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

Typically, your air filters should be changed every 10, 000 to 15, 000 miles.  Environmental conditions will impact this timing.  For example, if you live in a heavily polluted area or if you drive on dirt/gravel roads more often, your air filters will probably have to be changed more frequently.  Below are 3 signs that you should have your air filters replaced.

The air filter is dirty.

You should check your air filters periodically during that 10, 000 mile span.  If you notice that the filter contains a lot of dirt, debris or grease, you should have your air filter changed.

You experience decreased performance in your vehicle.

If your vehicle is feeling sluggish upon acceleration or doesn’t have the power it used to, the air filter may not be allowing enough air into the vehicle’s engine.  A clean filter allows the proper intake of air, allowing for the combustion process to be efficient.  If the filter is dirty, this won’t allow the proper amount of clean air through.

You are hearing strange engine noises.

If you have a dirty air filter, you will notice some weird noises coming from the engine while you are idling.  Such noises include coughing or spitting.  This means your engine is not receiving adequate air flow.  

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