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When to Schedule an Engine Tune Up

When to Schedule an Engine Tune Up

Ever wondered why you need to schedule an engine tune up, or when to schedule one? Then you are not alone. Staying on top of your general car maintenance is essential to ensure your car is running at its peak performance—and is a also a proactive approach to reducing the frequency of repairs. Tune ups are one of the many services we provide at Grosse Pointe Auto, and here are a few tips to guide you:

How Often Should You Tune Up Your Engine in Grosse Pointe, MI?

 The frequency in which you require a tune up depends on the make, model, and age of your car—as well as your individual driving habits. Newer cars can go 25,000 miles or more before needing an engine tune up—while older cars may require one every 10,000 miles or so. Your cars owner’s manual will provide you with a suggested frequency, but your individual driving habits may require you to tune up your engine with greater frequency.

Three Signs it is Time For An Engine Tune Up

 If you can’t recall the last time you tuned up your engine, have never had a tune up, or are unsure if your driving habits require you to tune up your car more frequently than your owner’s manual recommends—the following symptoms are a good sign that it is time to schedule an appointment:

Your Engine Stalls 

If your engine is stalling, it is a good sign that it is time for a tune up. The resolution could be something as simple as replacing the spark plugs, or adjusting your electronic sensors.

Idling—If you have noticed your engine idles as you try to accelerate, schedule a diagnostic test to determine the culprit.

 Trouble Starting Your Car
—If your car does not start on the first try, it is a good indicator that something is going on. This could be anything from problems with the ignition system, fuel pump battery, or electronic control unit.
If you live in the Gross Pointe, MI area and want to schedule An Engine Tune Up — or have other questions or concerns about your vehicle maintenance, contact Grosse Pointe Auto today!

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