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Alternator Problem in Grosse Pointe Farms vs. Battery Problem? How to Know

Alternator Problem in Grosse Pointe Farms vs. Battery Problem? How to Know

Your car’s battery and alternator are part of the same system, so it can be difficult to know which one is the problem when your battery isn’t maintaining a charge. Here are some tips that can help you to figure out which item needs replacing.

The alternator provides the charge to keep your battery charged, but it also provides the electrical current to run your lights and other power accessories in your vehicle. You do get warning signs when your alternator starts to wane. Some cars have a warning light on the dashboard. You may notice that your radio isn’t working right. This is because your car shuts off non-essential systems when the alternator stops doing its job. The lights of your car may dim while you’re driving.  

If you missed the warning signs, there are still ways that you can identify whether it’s your battery or alternator. If your battery is completely dead, try to charge it. Restart your vehicle. If the car runs, but the lights go dim, it’s more than likely your battery. If the car has a problem starting, even though the battery is fully charged, it’s a good sign that your alternator is the problem.

Problems with your battery or alternator may not always be with one of these actual parts. A belt may be worn which causes the pulley on the alternator to slip. Your battery wires may be corroded. The battery might be cold. A visual inspection can tell you if a belt is cracked or loose.

When you’re having an alternator problem in Grosse Pointe Farms, contact us to schedule a service appointment for your alternator. Our knowledgeable technicians will quickly diagnose the problem if you cannot make the determination on your own and then repair it for an honest price. Do this before it quits on you and you’re stranded somewhere.

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