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When to Get a Muffler Repair in Grosse Pointe Shores

When to Get a Muffler Repair in Grosse Pointe Shores

Car repairs can be expensive and inconvenient. Mufflers can easily become loose, rusted out or even break off the car. There are several things you can watch for to determine if your muffler needs to be repaired or replaced. If it does, Grosse Pointe Auto is here to help.

How It Sounds

One of the signs everyone recognizes that your exhaust or muffler needs repaired or replaced is a loud rumbling sound. You may be able to tell that it is coming from your muffler or it may just sound as if it is coming from underneath your vehicle. This probably means that your exhaust has a hole in it or that your muffler is not working properly.

How It Smells

When your muffler becomes clogged or if your catalytic converter quits working properly, you may notice a sour smell coming from your vehicle. Driving your vehicle with a damaged catalytic converter or a clogged muffler can cause other problems within your exhaust system.

How It Feels

Sometimes you can feel that something is not right with your exhaust. You may feel the exhaust backfire or feel the car shaking or vibrating harder than normal. If your muffler breaks loose from your car, you’ll feel it drag against the road or vibrate against other parts of your car. Driving with a broken muffler can be dangerous and should be avoided at all times.

If you are concerned about the condition of your muffler, our expert technicians at Grosse Pointe Auto can give a speedy assessment and estimate. Contact us to schedule a service appointment and let us handle your muffler repair in Grosse Pointe Shores.


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