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5 Reasons to get Auto Repair by Grosse Pointe Auto

5 Reasons to get Auto Repair by Grosse Pointe Auto

1. Good Quality Service!

Grosse Pointe Auto Repair has a long-standing reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable independent motor vehicle repair shop that is setting new standards in vehicle service and maintenance. We cater for all aspects of mechanical, drive-train and electrical work for privately owned and fleet operated/company cars and light commercial vehicles.

2. Certified Technicians You Can Trust!

Our certified technicians are trustworthy and helpful. We will make sure to alert you whenever you need to change your vehicle's oil filter so as to prevent more costly problems. Other fluids such as coolant, brake, transmission, and power steering fluid will also be checked, including the need for additional lubrication throughout the chassis. 

3. Uses the Latest Technology!

Grosse Pointe Auto is proud to own and operate the John Bean V3400 Wireless Imaging Wheel Alignment System. This cutting edge technology allows our mechanics to quickly and accurately diagnose wheel alignment issues and make the proper and trustworthy recommendations.

4. Increases your Safety and Lowers your Cost!

For good preventative maintenance, getting a wheel alignment every six months not only prevents your vehicle from pulling to one side or the other, it also significantly improves the life of your tires, enhances braking performance and improves fuel economy. All these benefits lead to the most important result: improved safety.

5. Great Prices!

We offer many different services and various affordable options. We try to save our customers money by preventing trouble before it happens with regular tune-ups. Be sure to speak with one of our technicians to see when and how regularly your vehicle should be examined.

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