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Do It Yourself Rust Proofing

Do It Yourself Rust Proofing

Rust can be caused by the reaction between iron, oxygen and water or air moisture. While you can’t fully prevent rust, you can minimize it!

Rust proofing is a simple process. Instead of going to a shop that specializes in rust proofing, you can do it yourself. While it is impossible to reverse the damage caused by rust corrosion, there are products that can be used to slow down the process and repair the damage that's done. The materials needed for rust proofing are easy to find at regular hardware stores or car supply shops. There also are kits available which have everything you need inside.

Before undertaking any sort of project, when using any rust inhibitor, removal or strippers, always wear rubber gloves and safety glasses, as the chemicals may be toxic.

Undercoating and Rust Converters

Do-it-yourself rust proofing products range from easy to use aerosol products to thick liquids that need high pressure air guns for application. These rust proofing products are categorized into two categories: undercoating and rust converters.

Undercoating is a thick fluid that creates a gummy coating when sprayed on. The end result doesn't look as appealing, but it does a fine job in keeping the rust away. Normally, it has a dull black color and produces a bumpy, deep layer. Choosing the right undercoat is vital, as the wrong one can actually make the rust grow faster. So, when choosing an undercoat, always choose one that stays soft and flexible. If it gets too brittle it will fall off, leaving it exposed to water. This will actually increase the rate of rusting.

Rust converters in the form of brush on liquids are an attractive alternative. When it comes to rust converters, it's important to choose a water based rust converter. Using rust converters will roughly take you about two hours and cost less than ten dollars. This will enable you to convert the rust into a paintable, protective black layer that will seal out moisture and protect this part against any future corrosion.

Two great products to try are Rust-Oleum® Professional Undercoating and Eastwood Rust Converter.

Oil, Oil, Oil!

For areas that don't need undercoating (like the interior of a car), it is best to use oil to protect it from rust. It has been proven that oil effectively keeps rust away. Some oils come in spray cans that have a nozzle for easy application. Apply the oil liberally onto the parts that you want to rustproof. Oil is cheaper than any other rust proofing product on the market and is best used for hard to reach areas.

Maintain and Clean!

Regular maintenance is also needed to keep your car free from rust for a long time. Always check for spots that accumulate water and check for bolts or screws that need to be rust proofed.

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