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Gift Guide for Car Lovers

Gift Guide for Car Lovers

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be difficult. Hopefully our gift guide for the car lover in your life can provide some helpful suggestions to making your holidays less stressful! Here are some gift options for car lovers.

1. Scissor Lift

The scissor lift will lift a car (or even a truck) very high so your loved one can work on the suspension, brakes or any other part of the car.

2. Switch Hitch Portable Back-Up Camera

This portable back-up camera makes everything easier. If your loved one wants to do a trailer hookup, this product makes it easy by viewing the action from the driver's seat. This product even has night vision.

3. GearWrench Ratcheting Box Wrenches

This seven-piece set of SAE ratcheting combination wrenches needs as little as five degrees to move a fastener. It comes in several standard sizes depending on what your needs are.

4. Car MD

This easy to use gadget will capture a trouble code and take you to a website that explains your problem. It provides solutions specific to your needs and vehicle. This is especially helpful if you are a new car owner and don't know what to expect.

5. Accutire Digital Pressure Gauge

This product will ensure the tire pressure of your tires to save fuel and enhance safety. Maintaining the right tire pressure lengthens tire life and this product works just as well as higher priced models.

6. Garmin 665

This weatherproof GPS is a great gift. It keeps you on course with real-time weather, Bluetooth and XM satellite radio built in.

7. Eastwood Glass Polishing Kit

This kit comes in as a very handy gift. It lets you drill and polish the windshield back to its original glossy finish for car lovers who want to maintain the car's appearance.

8. CG Lock

This device maintains seatbelt tension which helps hold the driver in place. This an amazing feature if there are kids involved; it enhances their safety if they are in a booster seat.

9. Top Gear DVDs

Lastly, if all else fails and you really aren't sure what to get the car lover in your life, get them Top Gear. Most car fans enjoy this motoring show which mixes cars and comedy for entertainment. This is especially great for keeping the car lover entertained during the cold months when going for a drive might not be an option.

* Please note the price point for these products may vary depending on where you choose to buy them from. *

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