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Cars of the Future

Cars of the Future


Cars have come a long way. With every year, more technology gets put into vehicles that make the ride more enjoyable, as well as easier. But technology isn’t stagnant – it’s always evolving. In a few years, vehicular technology is going to be much different than it is today and it’s going to make the driving experience even more enjoyable. 

Active Window Display

Soon, we’ll be seeing active window display systems in the cars we buy. Active window displays are going to be very intricate in future cars. These won’t just show you simple things like speed and gas mileage. These displays will show you directions you need to take, and may be able to do things like highlight roads ahead of time, show vibrant images, etc.

Vehicle Tracking

Future cars will have vehicle tracking implemented inside of them. This can either be a blessing or a curse. Vehicle tracking will be able to tell how many miles a person drives, how the drive, etc. The reason this can be either a blessing or a curse is because this technology will be utilized by insurance companies. They’ll be able to see how much you drive and base your fees accordingly.

However, this can be a benefit, as by 2020 insurance companies will offer a reduced rate for those who choose to agree to full tracking of their driving behavior. However, many are predicting that this won’t stay voluntary. Insurance companies may make this vehicle tracking a requirement.

Biometric Vehicle Access

Soon you won’t even need car keys! While push-to-start cars have been around for a while, we soon may be throwing away our key FOBs as well. Much like the technology in our smartphones today, soon there will be fingerprint scanners in your vehicle. This technology will work for unlocking your doors, turning your car on and other features of your car.

Self-Driving Cars

We can’t talk about the future of cars without talking about a technology that’s currently being optimized. The self-driving car is already being tested in many American cities, and semi-autonomous cars are already available to the public.

Within the next few years, you can expect self-driving cars to become even more prevalent.  Companies such as Uber have already invested a ton of money in the technology, and soon you will be able to ride in one yourself. It’s an exciting step into the future!

 It’s an exciting time to be a car buff. There is a ton of new technology you will be seeing in the next few years, and it will ensure that the driving experience is optimal. The future is now!

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