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Identify Your Car Leak

Identify Your Car Leak

You’re walking up to your car when “Oh no!”, you see a mysterious liquid on the ground, and it seems to be coming from your vehicle. A leak is usually a way to point out that there is something wrong with your car. Problem is, however, you don’t exactly know what that leak is, or what is causing it. It may have a strange color to it or an odor that you don’t recognize.

But wait, don’t send your car to the junk yard just yet! By being able to identify your car leak, you can take the issue out at, the root! That’s why we’re providing you with common leaks, and how to properly identify them.



Many times a ‘leak’ is simply just condensation. If you’re driving your car around in the summer blasting the A/C, that condensation has to go somewhere! It can be a bit worrying to see a puddle of fresh liquid underneath your car – but many times this the case.



This is one of the most common leaks a car goes through. Luckily, it isn’t overly difficult to fix. However, if you notice your car leaking coolant you’ll want to fix it right away. Coolant is what keeps your car from overheating while driving. If you’ve ever had trouble with your vehicle overheating, then you know why it’s so important to keep that from happening. Getting the leak fixed can ensure that you never become low on the fluid.

It’s also important to fix the leak because animals naturally want to ingest the stuff. If you’ve ever smelled coolant (not recommended), you’ll know there is a very sweet odor to it. To animals that don’t know its toxicity, they will think of it as a great-tasting snack. The last thing you want is to be the person whose car killed the neighbor’s dog.

Coolant is one of the easier liquids to identify. It’s usually green in color, but can also be orange or pink. It also doesn’t look as runny as other liquids. It looks like it has a sort of sticky texture to it.



Does the puddle smell like gasoline? If so, you might have a windshield washer fluid leak! Just kidding, if it smells like gas it’s gas. Don’t worry, your car is likely not going to explode. The most damage that gets done with leaky tanks is the extra gas money you have to spend.

It’s important to take note of where the puddle is forming. If it’s towards the back of the vehicle, it’s likely a leak from your gas tank. If it’s towards the front, however, it’s likely to be coming from your fuel pump.



Oil is another very common leak, especially in older vehicles. The issue is many people will leave this alone for a few months which can have extremely adverse effects. In fact, if you leave it long enough for the oil to drain, your engine could seize up. This can result in a costly fix – if it can be fixed at all. Oil is the most recognizable fluid – black in color with a shiny texture to it. Try not to touch it, as it will stain whatever comes into contact with it!

 Knowing which fluid is leaking is the most important step in determining what needs to be fixed in your vehicle. While seeing a leak is a frustrating experience, being able to fix the cause at its root can save a lot of money in the long run. Remember, if you need a leak fixed Grosse Pointe Auto can help!

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